Monday, March 30, 2015

Reminder: Some Customers' Testimonies from UK, USA, Israel, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Germany...

For the very reasonable price of the operas and the wide choice of artists you offer, I am perfectly satisfied with my purchases and will continue to buy from you in the future.
Thank you for what you do. Without your efforts, these fantastic interpretations would probably be lost to the general public forever.
I want to add my thanks to you, and whoever else is involved in Classical Music Mobile, for bringing back the music I want to hear again. The recordings you offer go back to a time when I could not afford to buy a lot of records or, if I do own the record, the MP3 files you send out sound much better today than the worn-out albums I've had for nearly 50 years. It's wonderful to hear these recordings again. I'm grateful for the service you provide and I'm glad that I read James Jolly's article in Gramophone Magazine which listed your Website address. I hope you'll provide me (us) with many more recordings in the future.
I found your site today and have a wonderful, exciting time downloading some great classics.
I like your system and your prices. Your operation functions smoothly and efficiently.
I love Classical Music Mobile web site and visit it regularly. Having easy access to so many truly great records of music making during the first half of last century is a boon to music lovers and music professionals around the world. Many thanks for your wonderful service!
I recently downloaded the Hollywood String Quartet recordings and the Talich Dvorak and Smetana recordings, and they live up to their legendary reputation. I used to have LP versions of the Dvorak No. 9 and the cello concerto on poor budget pressings. What a great improvement these downloads are--and the price is right! Thanks so much.
I have been enjoying the Toscanini Aida on my iPod. A great recording.
I wanted to tell you that the Beethoven5 by Karajan and Vienna Philharmonic is the most exciting interpretation of that symphony that I have ever heard. Thank you again for this wonderful and very important site.